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The Wealth Effect Group: Your One-Stop-Shop for Smart Lifestyle Planning

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

A couple of years ago, three business owners in the Financial Services industry decided to join forces to change the face of an over-priced and over-complicated industry. They set out to treat clients like friends, not numbers, and to provide an easy, fast, and approachable service. The Financial Collective was born.

What started as a clever idea has now become a new umbrella brand for the four founding businesses. Although they operate under one roof providing their clients a seamless professional service, each member of The Financial Collective (TFC) will continue to run independently and maintain their own brand identity under the TFC umbrella.

What Does The FinWEalth Effect Group offer?

By The Numbers Accounting – Accounting Practice

By The Numbers Accounting (BTNA) is a traditional accounting and tax practice servicing business and individual clients in Melbourne’s Inner West since 2013. 

BTNA for business works with business clients on fixed fee engagements and monthly retainers and embraces all the Xero Accounting system has to offer. Clients can expect exceptional engagement & service from their accountant. BTNA prides itself on being THE Xero experts in the western suburbs, as our level of knowledge on the platform is second to none. 

BTNA for individuals is our service offering to individuals and couples. The BTNA team has excellent knowledge of your entitlement to tax deductions and will explore with you every possible deduction you might be entitled to claim, without creating undue audit risk for our clients.  BTNA specialises in complex returns including rental properties, investment trusts, share & management fund investments, and capital gains issues.

Wealth Effect Advisory

Wealth Effect Group (WEG) is a full-service financial planning business. Whether you want to retire early, build a nest for your kids or buy your dream home, WEG can help. WEG will provide a comprehensive approach to your wealth building and management by taking multiple factors into account so that you can reach your destination faster.

Wealth Effect Group offers the following services: Financial Planning, Life Insurance Broking, Portfolio Management, Investment Properties Consulting & Advice, and Share Trading.

WE Mortgage Solutions – Mortgage Brokers

WE Mortgage Solutions (WEMS) is a full-service mortgage broking business combining years of experience and product knowledge with an extensive panel of lenders. As a result, clients will get the best loan for their personal situation, not the best loan for the bank’s situation or the best clip for the broker.  WEMS prides itself on its independence and delivering the best solution for its clients.

WE. Super – SMSF Administration Service

WE. Super is collaboration between WE. and BTNA, established in 2017, to manage the increased popularity of Self-Managed Super Funds in Melbourne's Inner West. The company provides cost-effective fund establishment and administration services for Self-Managed Super Funds.

Clients can entrust the preparation of financial statements, tax returns, and engagement with the auditors to WE. Super. By using the industry-leading cloud software, Class Super, Inner West SMSF can provide cost-effective SMSF solutions with an inhouse workforce rather than the popular outsourcing model. Class Super also features an up-to-date client portal to track the performance of your SMSF. 

What are the benefits for the client?

The biggest advantage for our clients is the collaboration and shared knowledge base between the four partner companies of The Wealth Effect Group. As a client, you don’t have to worry about Chinese whispers between your professional services providers. Although each member of the TFC is independent, we have a great relationship built upon trust and open communication to ensure our clients get the best return on their investments. 

In 2019, a receptionist will greet all clients in our newly renovated and branded Yarraville office. Furthermore, all inbound calls will be handled through WEG reception.

Need financial advice? Call us today on 1300 13 59 53 or fill out the contact form! We'd love to hear from you!

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