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Significant Investor Visa & Investor Visa 
Making the move to Australia

We understand moving to a new country requires a lot of preparation. Wealth Effect Group has financial advisers with Significant Investor Visa and Investor Visa expertise and experience that can help make this exciting transition as seamless as possible for you and your family.

The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) and Investor Visa (IV) are initiatives by the Australian Federal Government to drive innovation and contribute to Australia’s economic growth by attracting investors who seek permanent residency in Australia.


Australia is attractive for many investors due to its economic resilience and historical track record of steady growth. Australia is a globally integrated economy with strong trade and investment links with the growing Asia-Pacific region.

Why Choose the Wealth Effect Group for SIV/IV Solutions?

Wealth Effect Group and its partner bring extensive international experience, placing us in a prime position to address the evolving global requirements of our clients. In Australia, our Wealth Management division is a well-established provider of compliant solutions. Utilizing our strong infrastructure and proficient professionals, we proactively seek high-quality products and solutions for investors. Acknowledging the distinct objectives and risk preferences of each client, our expert advisers provide personalized asset allocation and portfolio management within the parameters of the Australian Government's compliant investment guidelines, offering choices aligned with either capital return or capital preservation.

Wealth Effect Group & WE Private provides investment solutions for all categories that qualify for the AUD $2.5 Million Investor Visa and the AUD $5 million Significant Investor Visa.

Investment Component

SIV holders are mandated to allocate $5 million toward compliant investments for a duration of at least three years before becoming eligible to apply for a permanent visa.

Balancing Investment

To balance the investment portfolio, a sum of up to $2,500,000 (50%) must be directed into one or more Australian complying funds. These encompass Australian listed securities, eligible debt instruments (such as corporate bonds or notes), listed and unlisted property, infrastructure, deferred annuities, and non-residential property. There is a 10% cap ($300,000) on residential real estate within the complying fund.

Emerging Companies

A minimum investment of $1,500,000 (30%) is required in an eligible managed fund focusing on emerging companies. These eligible funds must allocate more than 80% of their assets to listed Australian companies with a market capitalization of <$500 million.

Venture Capital / Private Equity

A minimum investment of $1,000,000 (20%) is necessary in eligible Australian Venture Capital or growth Private Equity (VCPE) funds that invest in small private companies and startups.

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SIV Investment Specialist

Wealth Effect Group has an experienced SIV client management team with specialist investment advisers across our network of Australian offices.


WE. have assembled a team of professionals drawn from across our business, who have deep knowledge and experience with the SIV program.

WE. have a Robust due diligence for SIV/IV compliance

Compliance with the Government’s SIV and IV programs requirements is our utmost priority. Wealth Effect and Partners heavily invests in our people and systems to ensure that a robust framework is in place to safeguard compliance with the framework mandated by the Australian Government.


Choosing the right investment manager is vital. Wealth Effect conducts a comprehensive due diligence process before approving third party managers for inclusion on the SIV and IV Approved Product List. We have a ‘double assurance’ compliance system, where the fund manager acts as the first gatekeeper for compliance assessments, and then Morgan Stanley validates the manager’s SIV/IV compliance through continuous review of every fund on the Approved Product List. 

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SIV Investment Specialist

Wide range of investments‍

Wealth Effect Group provides access to a wide range of complying funds and the flexibility for investors to modify their investments during the four year investment period.

Our Advisers take the time to understand your requirements and customise a bespoke investment plan that suits your needs.

Sub Class 888

The visa is open to individuals nominated by an Australian State or Territory government. To secure nomination, applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) using the SkillSelect system. This is a temporary visa valid for five years, designed for individuals willing to commit a $5 million investment in Australia, allocated to specified compliant investments.

Upon fulfilling the investment requirements of the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) for three years, applicants become eligible to apply for permanent residency under the Business Innovation & Investment (Residence) Subclass 888 visa.

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The SIV Program provides a favourable pathway for migrant investors seeking permanent residency in Australia.

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