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SMSF Specialist Administration

For Trustees

We do more than administer your fund

SMSF Specialists


We do more than administer your Fund When it comes to Self Managed Super Fund advice and maximising your wealth creation opportunities, our SMSF Specialists team stands apart in the industry with highly qualified advisors who know SMSF’s inside and out and have the accounting + tax background to do more than just administer your Fund.

Take Control Today and....


  1. decide who assists you with investing or what you invest in?

  2. pool your superannuation balances?

  3. make direct property, share or other investments on your terms?

  4. have access to our experienced team?


Our team will help you through the whole super life cycle from options on how to maximise contributions, maintaining investments, accumulating benefits, and using the most effective strategies of paying benefits out.

If you're wondering...

  • If you have enough in super to start an SMSF

  • How set up up a an SMSF

  • Strategies you could utilise as a business entrepreneur

  • Thinking about buying property through super

  • Do I have the right asset mix in my current SMSF

  • If have the right tax strategies 

  • Are SMSF cost effective

  • How many people can be involved in an SMSF

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We'll Help You...

  • Get control of your super 

  • Reduce your work load and stress Accounting and legal compliance 

  • Minimise your risk Maximise your investment returns 

  • Make smart decisions with your assets

  • Implement effective tax strategies 

  • Have peace of mind

SMSF Compliance leader

Running your own SMSF fund can give you greater flexibility and control over your retirement savings. However, taking care of all the essential administration tasks and maintaining compliance can be time-consuming and complex.

At WE Love SMSF we make easy and affordable for you to run the day to day operation of your fund, so that you can focus on things you love. If you need advice you can speak to our tech team to help you smart decisions.

SMSF Establishment

We take care of all the documentation required to establish a complying SMSF, making the complicated seem simple. Whether it's a corporate Trustee you're after or an individual we've got you covered.

We offer a full service
Financial Analyst

SMSF Transfer's

With Wealth Effect’s SMSF service offer, you will benefit from our competitive fee structure, your own SMSF Administration Manager, quality support from our Technical Services team and annual tax returns completed in house.  

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We take care of all the funds administration

All SMSF's are different and administration requirements vary for each SMSF.  WE Love SMSF offers a comprehensive range of administration packages that provide individuals and trustees the flexibility to select a service that best fits their particular circumstances.

SMSF Borrowing

The rules for borrowing to buy property in your SMSF are complex. Whilst there are many potential benefits of acquiring a property through your superannuation fund, there are key considerations required to ensure that your SMSF remains compliant.

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Corporate Trustee Services

Where an SMSF has a corporate trustee structure, there is routine compliance work that needs to be undertaken on behalf of the company that acts as the trustee for the fund.

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Financial Report

Your investment strategy reviewed regularly

Reviewing your past 12-month strategy and, accordingly, then planning for the next year are critical to the way we work.


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Connect, Take control  & Enjoy the Flexibility of Self-Managed Super

SMSF Packages


Annual offers basic administration services and caters for SMSFs holding simple assets such as cash, term deposits and domestic shares.


Our mid-tier admin service catering to funds with more complex investments such as a commercial property or collectible assets.


Our premium admin service requiring minimal input from you. Caters to all investments including complex assets such as global property.

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