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Aged Care Financial Advice
When Your Parents Need It Most

WE. can help

Deploy your financial strategy

WE. do the leg work for you

Implement a comprehensive financial planning strategy to safeguard your family's well-being.

Your financial advice will include the creation of a payment structure to cover the costs of aged care.

We include long-term mapping of various financial scenarios, such as renting or selling the family home, as well as specialised investment solutions, to help you make informed decisions

We will easily implement your financial structure and do the legwork for you!

We handle programme implementation, including administration and execution, which includes submitting relevant paperwork [and making phone calls] to various groups, including Centrelink.

We take care of the execution phase so you can focus on the important things.

You can proceed with confidence, knowing that our expert team is here to help you navigate your way through.

WE. Care Advice you can count on.

Understanding and organising Aged Care transition for a loved one can be emotional and time-consuming. We are focused on streamlining this process and providing the support when you need it most.

We can offer you financial advice and direction for entering Aged Care that will help you make better educated choices and ultimately maximise your entitlements today and into the future.

Entering into an aged care facility can be stressful. We can guide you through the process and map out your financial options. To discuss the best course of action for your loved ones' financial affairs, contact us. today. Regardless of where you are located in Australia, you can obtain professional assistance because we have offices from Melbourne to the Gold Coast as well as the ability to conduct online consultations.




Trusted Advice Since 2010. We have assisted hundreds of clients in achieving greater financial security. With a holistic approach and nearly 20 years of experience, we can unlock more options for your family's aged care situation.


Save Thousands 

Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved.
You can ensure that your loved ones are set up with a long-term plan and reduced financial burden with a tailored strategy developed by one of our financial advisers who specialise in aged care and the right asset structure.



Quick Turnaround
We understand that aged care is most often unexpected, and because we are the aged care experts, we can quickly set up a financial structure and solution, and deploy it quickly.


A passion for aged care.
We understand the emotional stress that comes with organising aged care. We will collaborate with you and your family to develop financial solutions that meet your specific needs.

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An Average Saving of $6000 Per Year

Making the right financial decisions prior to moving into aged care will usually result in the resident being better off, by $5,000 – $10,000, for every year that they are in care.

We help you with this, through simple strategies designed to improve Centrelink payments and reduce age care costs.

Personalised Aged Care Advice starts with...

60 Minute Consultation

A qualified financial adviser will clarify the aged care rules, regulations and fees in a personalised appointment at one of our offices, or if preferred, in a secure Online meeting.

Issue Discussion Paper 

Focussed discussion paper highlighting common impacts and options under current aged care legislation and funding structures. Does not include recommendations.

Full Written Statements of Advice

We’ll provide you with a complete customised written plan that includes expert advice and recommendations. It contains full analysis, detailed recommendations, and cash-flow projections in a compliant professionally prepared document.

We’ll help you complete your Centrelink Forms to ensure they’re correct, for faster and easier processing.

Asset and Income Assessment Forms

Personal Support

We can provide ongoing support should circumstances change after entering care; and we will work with your accountant or general adviser to ensure everyone caring for you understands your wishes, aged care options and agreed plan

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