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When you run a family business, you are  constantly planning for the future.

When you run a family business, every day you make decisions about your family's future, your business's future, and the legacy you're leaving behind.

However, your personal finances are frequently an afterthought. We believe that your family's success is equally as vital as your business's success, which is why you need a long-term wealth strategy.

"When you operate a family business, 
you’re always thinking about the future"

But there are a few questions that keep you awake at night....

- Am I doing what is best for my children and        family?

- How much money do I actually need to retire? 


- Do I have enough money to support my family,     retire, and live my dream life?

 - Where can I go for guidance, accountability, and feedback on my ideas?


 - Do I have a business succession plan in               place?


 - What should I do next, and how do I get there?

WE. Get started, by getting to know you

Our client relationships are based on a life-long commitment to impeccable service.

Here’s how that journey starts:




WE. Appointment


Coaching Engagement/'s

Future Planning Appointment's

WE. are with you every step of the way.

From the moment you interact with our team, you’ll soon realise that we care a lot about our clients. That’s because when you experience success, we do too.

Wherever you are on your journey towards your ‘ideal life
’, we’ll have a tailored, careful approach to guide you.

Discovery & Define Direction

We meet with you for a discovery consultation to define and articulate your ideal future and the key financial steps we need to take to get there.

Create a long-term wealth strategy.

We then collaborate with you to develop your personalised long-term wealth strategy. This step-by-step plan provides you with clarity and confidence for your future finances, as well as your family and legacy.

Partnership and Execution.

We begin the execution of our agreed strategy securing your families future.

Empowerment through education

We work together with you and your family on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are accomplishing your objectives, learning, and feeling empowered to make sound financial decisions.

We pride ourselves on giving advice that is objective and transparent, always.

As professional financial advisors, we take pride in providing impartial and open advice at all times. We exclusively deal with a small number of families business  owners to ensure that the advice is maeningful and tailored to your unique circumstances.

WE. Better, Smarter, Together

Our commitment to you


Get a clear, long-term financial strategy tailored to your specific position from people who understand the complexities of running a family business. We handle everything from retirement planning to succession planning, investment portfolio management, and philanthropic endeavours.

- Accountability, Knowledge, Education, Progress 

- Diversify and de-risk your portfolio

- Maximize opportunity through strategy execution

- Clear Transparent and Impartial 

As a specialised advisory firm, we are determined that the growth of our practice will be primarily based on working with clients who are a good long-term fit with the direction of our business.

WE. Work with successful Business Owners

We typically partner with successful family business owners who want to pass on their company to the next generation. 

We'll work with you as an ongoing impartial financial sounding board, developing a customised strategy to ensure that your financial and family objectives are achieved.


The financial plan we create and monitor for you helps in maintaining control, achieving realistic financial goals, and reducing future stress and financial uncertainty.

Family Owner Business

Create a legacy, empower future generations, and safeguard your family name. When running a family business, you require an unbiased third party who understands the nuances of your situation. 

At Wealth Effect Group we  work with you to develop a long-term wealth strategy for your family and business. We handle everything from Super to succession planning, risk management, and investment portfolio management, among other things. 

Learn more about our approach to family business in the sections below.

Because no two families are alike, we like to have a conversation before taking on any new clients.

WE. are the right fit if

You run a family business 

You’re looking for strategic, impartial financial advice for your personal situation

You want to become more educated and empowered to make decisions for your family’s future

You’re looking for an advisor who can work in with your existing team of accountants, lawyers and business consultants

You want to maximise all your assets and know that your business is serving your family goals

WE. are the right fit if

You don’t run a family business or foundation  

You’re looking for one-off advice 

You're not ready to consider you're longer term goals and create your ideal life

You don’t want someone to hold your hand and work with you to achieve your goals

Schedule a call with us and see how we can help you preserve your wealth, and lead your family into the future.

WE. Get it we're a family business too

We understand because we have spent years running our own family business. It's not just about money. It's all about legacy, future generations, and keeping your family name safe.

That's why we use our decades of experience working with Australia's most successful family-run businesses to your financial planning. Because the success of your family is just as vital as the success of your business.

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When it comes to your financial future, WE.Group has your back. And WE. get a real kick out of helping Australians solve their monetary issues and inefficiencies. So... If you’re ready to see where our strategies can take you…
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