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TPD Assessment Service
Get TPD Claims Financial Advice

We’ll help you to make an informed choice and minimise tax.

TPD Assessment Service

Make an informed decision

Our TPD Assessment Service will help you to make an informed decision following the approval of a TPD claim through your superannuation fund. This service will provide you with a written report and a phone consultation that covers the following areas:

  • Your situation and options available

  • An estimate of tax payable on withdrawal

  • Explanation of Centrelink impacts and calculations if relevant Further financial consequences on child support, government housing, bankruptcy, etc.

  • Support in completing their withdrawal form & payment of legal fees

  • What happens next


We provide our services to people all over the country and usually provide our services over the phone.

Further Services

Our initial service is to ensure you understand your benefit and options. If you require further assistance, we can provide financial advice and other support services.

We are also able to refer to a range of trusted professionals and further support services to help assist you.

Why Us?


TPD is what we do. We are the industry leaders in this area and are here to help people just like you.

Most TPD insurance claimants need a engage with someone who can explain their options, and help financially model and calculate the most favorable option. 

Our service is tailored for all TPD insurance claimants, not just those with high value payouts

Get TPD Claims Advice Today.

Have you or your Client has a Total Permanent Disability Claim (TPD) Claim approved through Super? WE. can help you make an informed decision.

Get in touch and we'll email you key information you need to know before you make a decision on what to do with your TPD claim.

Don't make the mistakes so many others do book today and have some certainty for the future.!
Image by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙

Don't be left feeling like this! 

Before you withdraw your entire benefit, you should understand your options and the financial consequences of your decisions. Booking a TPD Assessment can potenially save you thousands.

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