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The way we work has shaped our success and strong relationships with our clients.
You may be familiar with the term "evidence-based medicine," which refers to the idea that clinical research and data should be used to support medical decisions. This level of care is critical in profession fraught with risk.

An evidence-based approach to advice

You may be familiar with the term "evidence-based medicine," which refers to the idea that clinical research and data should be used to support medical decisions. This level of care is critical in profession fraught with risk.
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Financial advice, like medicine, is a complex and risky business. The average investor's journey is riddled with potholes and hampered by changing weather. The benefits of safe navigation are substantial, while the cost of error is high.
In this modern era, as in medicine, experience and judgement alone are insufficient to demonstrate best practise. Today's financial adviser must provide a higher level of evidence, including data, analysis, and fact-based insight.

This method entails continuous, self-directed learning and extensive research in order to provide clients with practical financial solutions that have been proven to work in the real world and over time.

Finacial Science at work.

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Many investment portfolios used to be built around one or two asset classes, some promising "stock stories," and a series of illusory forecasts. The returns these portfolios delivered were disparate and highly subject to 'chance'.

The world has changed. In this day and age, it is possible to approach investing in a much more scientific manner.

Data storage and computing power have enabled significant advances in finance and portfolio theory. These advancements enable investors to build portfolios with more predictable outcomes and superior risk and return characteristics.

Our Investment Team work tirelessly to incorporate these academic advances into each separately managed portfolio managed (SMA) under our supervision. Every aspect of portfolios is supported by a clear rationale based on evidence and academic rigour. As a result, our clients benefit from modern, low-cost, highly diversified portfolios that give them the best chance of meeting their long-term investment goals.

Reflecting your values and beliefs in your investment approach is in our DNA.

With a growing awareness of our global community's environmental and social challenges, you may be looking for ways to better align your investment portfolio with your own values. Creating this alignment entails developing an investment programme that considers environmental and societal impacts in addition to traditional economic factors.

We are passionate about sustainable investing at Wealth Effect Group, and we can work with you to create an investment programme that allows you to be ethically satisfied while remaining confident in your portfolio's ability to generate superior risk adjusted returns.

Our method goes beyond the standard "negative screening" technique of excluding a small number of sensitive industries. Rather, we seek to actively identify and "overweight" investments that score high in terms of alignment with your values. These are investments that have a higher potential for positive societal and/or environmental outcomes.

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The techniques used will not jeopardise the evidence-based investment principles for which we are known. Each investment is carefully evaluated and approached with the same analytical rigour as any other investment in order to identify suitable opportunities that aim to deliver both impact and performance.

Investment Partners

Our investment team collectively have over 100 years of practical experience with capital markets and portfolio management. Collectively they are the custodians of our investment process and philosophy.

Talk to us today see if our investment philosophy fits with yours.

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