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Client Interview - Cross Creations

Wealth Effect Group first met Daniel when we had him attend our old office to complete a tidy up, this was pre ‘The Financial Collective’ and back when Daniel was only 21 years of age.

Daniel impressed us with his high work ethic and professionalism, he disclosed to us he was currently living at home with his parents and his landscaping business was really starting to take off. He had just employed his first employee a first year apprentice landscaper.

Daniel moved across to By the Numbers Accounting for his business taxation needs and it was Ross that identified some serious issues with the way he was managing his cash flow and work load. One major factor was that he didn’t have the storage for his equipment, office space for his book work and business was not looking at quietening down.

Three years on... and we now work closely with Daniel on his Business Management, Accounting, Mortgage Broking needs, asset finance and personal insurances. Daniel has taken on the full package with ‘The Financial Collective’ and under our guidance along with his hard work he has tuned his small sole-trader business into a multi-million dollar company. He has moved out of home, purchased 3 properties and moved his business into a new factory complex with offices and a boardroom for his ever expanding workforce.

When we caught up with Daniel this week we asked him about his journey and what he thinks is most important.

When did you start landscaping?

From a young age I grew up obsessed with machinery and then I had a landscaper move in next door. After seeing his setup and going to work with him on weekends I’ve always wanted to be landscaper, I just wanted to be like him.

I finished VCE year 12 and went to university to study horticulture in 2012. I started sub-contracting on my days off and then once qualified went out on my own.

What’s your favourite part of landscaping?

I love handover day and showing our clients before and after shots. Majority of our projects are construction based so they don’t happen overnight, it’s a long process to make sure it’s done right and clients sometime forget what the space once was. It’s great to be able to deliver gardens that our clients have only ever dreamed about.

Since working with us, what has been the most important thing you’ve learnt?

Understanding I can achieve anything if I make the right plan. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be where I am today, they were always just dreams.

I still remember the first time I met with Ross and he asked me"if you could have anything you wanted what would you have?" and I replied ”a house”’

That same session Ross told me how I could do it and two months later I put a deposit down for my first house.

Every financial decision I have made in the last 3 years I have had the guidance and support from everyone at The Financial Collective and it’s been great. My whole thought process has changed because of that support.

When buying my first investment property I hadn’t even thought of buying one. Ross showed me my numbers and along with Toby and Andre they had made a plan to show me my returns etc.. It was a no brainer and they made it happen.

With a good plan both my personal situation and business situation has changed dramatically and so far it’s really working well.

What’s planned for the future of Cross Creations?

Cross Creations is my baby, I love it and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. At the moment I’m in limbo a little bit with trying to transition from being a landscaper to becoming a businessman. For me to grow unfortunately I have to step away from being on the tools to managing the crew and keeping clients up to date with their builds. My old neighbour who was a landscaper said to me when I was young “make your business work for you and not you work for the business”

With the new plan for the company I know I can’t do everything so it’s about training the right people to be competent in their related fields and working as a team to achieve the tasks at hand.

Make sure you check out Daniel's work on social media, we're confident that you will be as impressed as we are!

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